Post Office Tracking

When people send packages via the Post Office , they want to make sure those packages are going to reach their intended targets. Today, with the Internet, it is possible to track packages anywhere on the planet from the comfort of one’s home. With the Post Office, it is possible to have Post Office tracking, which will give you an eye on your letter or package, no matter where it is.

Track and Trace Your Post Office Package

With the Post Office tracking program, Track and Trace, you are able to track any items that have been sent by you, or sent to you. To use Track and Trace, you go to the Track and Trace homepage, enter in your reference number and click the Track Item button. At this point, the status of the item will be displayed, allowing you to see where it is, who has signed for it and when it should be delivered to you. With Track and Trace, you can also see a copy of the signature that was received when the package was delivered. Begin tracking your post office packages online.

Tracking Packages Abroad

When sending a package overseas, you are able to use Track and Trace to find where it is through the Post Office. When it leaves the United Kingdom to its final destination, you can no longer track it through Post Office tracking. If you are using Airsure, the item can be tracked abroad and you will get a confirmation that it was delivered to its destination. If an item is being sent to you from overseas, you can track it with Track and Trace once it reaches the United Kingdom.

Lost Tracking Number

If you are waiting on a package and you lost the reference number, you need to contact the person or company sending the package to you. They should have a copy of the reference number to give you. If you have sent the package but forgot or lost the reference number, you won’t be able to track it. What you can do is talk to the person or company you are sending the package to and ask them to confirm when they have received the item. Once they receive it, you can get the reference number from them and be able to check the entire progress of the delivery if there are any questions about it you need answered.

Questions about Post Office Tracking

if you can’t find the help or information you need through Post Office tracking, you can contact the Post Office through a variety of numbers based on what you need.

For Royal Mail Signed For, call 08459 272 100.

For Royal Mail Special Delivery Guarantee, call 08457 001 200.

For Royal Mail Tracked, call 08456 038 495.

For Airsure, call 08456 092 609

If you don’t know who to contact, you can phone 08459 272 100.