Post Office Locations in the UK

If you want to find a location for the Post Office, you can look in the phone book but rather than go the ancient route, you can go online and use the branch finder. The link for this is found at

The branch finder is easy to use. All you do is choose the service required, depending on which branch you need, and then choose the town you want to find a location in. Click search and you will be able to get a location for the Post Office branch near you. Depending on your location, it will give you the nearest location to what you have selected.

If you do not know your full postcode, you can use the postcode finder. On the finder, you can enter a short postcode, like the first three digits. The finder will provide you with the best results for the location you are looking for. If you want to contact the Post Office, you can call 08457 223344 for information on the services that are available. If you are looking for specific opening times for your branch location, you can ring 0800 224466.

How many locations?

So, how many Post Office locations are there? In all, there are over 12,000 locations around the entire United Kingdom. As a result, there is going to be a location located near you. The branch finder will give you an approximate location and distance, but it does not take into account rivers, roadways and railway lines.

If your location does not appear in the branch finder, you can visit to let the Post Office know and they will ensure that your branch is added.

What is the mobile service?

One unique service offered by the Post Office is the mobile van postal service. The Post Office mobile service is a fully-equipped Post Office van that offers the same services of the Postal Service. In all, 168 villages are served using the Mobile Branch. These communities will have certain days and hours that they are available to residents. You will also be able to use the majority of postal services through the Postal Office’s mobile service. For more information about the mobile service, you can ring 08457 22 33 44.

Home Delivery Locations

A few very small locations offer the Post Office home delivery service. This service provides a reduced range of Post Office products and services over the phone. The products are then delivered to the resident’s home by the sub-postmaster, or can be collected by a customer at a Drop-in Session.

With over 12,000 locations across the planet, there are plenty of places for you to visit to complete your mail needs. Whether it is an actual building location, or you are using the mobile service, there are several options available to you in the UK.