What is the UK Post Office

It was created by King Henry VIII and the UK Post Office has been around since that day in 1516 when it was officially created. Since then, it has delivered billions of packages and letters to millions of people in the United Kingdom and across the planet. It has become one of the most important organizations in the history of the country, but how much do we all really know about the UK Post Office?

The Staff
As of 2013, the Post Office employs 150,000 permanent postal workers who deliver millions of pieces of mail every single year. During the busy Christmas months of November and December, the Post Office hires 15,000 casual workers to help with the influx of packages coming through the offices on a daily basis.

The Fleet
The Post Office is well-known for its red bicycles and red vans. The bicycles have become iconic and have been made by Pashley Cycles since 1971. The UK Post Office has shipped their old delivery bicycles to Africa since 2000. In the past nine years, 8,000 bikes have been donated to Re-Cycle for this purpose.
In 2009, it was announced by the UK Post Office that it would phase out its bicycles and replace them with push-trolleys and vans. Some rural routes would still have bicycles for mail delivery though.

The Track Record
Currently, the Post Office is regulated by Ofcom, while its consumer interests are regulated by Consumer Futures.
Oddly, the Post Office has a reputation for losing mail, despite the claims of the company that they deliver 99.93 per cent of their mail correctly. That being said, the company was fined 11.7 Million Pounds in 2006 because of lost and stolen, or damaged, mail. From January to March in 2011, it is estimated that 120,000 letters were lost.

The Profits
While many other postal organizations around the world are losing money faster than they can make it, the UK Post Office continues to be profitable. For most of its history, the company has been a public service operated by the Government. In 2011, the Postal Services Act put the majority of the Post Office’s shares on the London Stock Exchange. While the UK Government has 38 per cent of the shares in the UK Post Office, several other companies and investors own shares in the Post Office. In response to the privatization of the Post Office, the Communication Workers Union plans rolling strikes beginning in late-2013.
Currently, the UK Post Office brings in 9.146 Billion Pounds in revenue, of which 403 Million Pounds is Profit.

While the UK Post Office has had its ups and downs over the year, it is still a vital service for millions of Britons who rely on the mail to get their packages where they need to go and to keep in touch with loved ones around the world.

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